A Troubled Economy

Same old shit again!!

Gods and power and lives in the balance

Tuck’s journal.
So after resting we set out in search of the drow sorceress (or whatever). My companions and I were not too happy when we discovered that SHE found US! For truth, though I am normally adroit with words, for some unexplainable reason, I found myself silent. I wanted to challenge her with words! I saw that her threats turned the courage of my companions to water that ran down their legs, but to me, I know, threats and posturing are the currency of drow society. To cow opponents with words is the most economical way to win a war. As if by some strange power, my tongue was stilled. It was like my body was there but my personality was absent! So as we so often do, we succumbed to bullying and brow-beating and slinked away liked kicked dogs. How I hate, Hate, HATE DROW!!!

We went to the room with two doors. We allowed ourselves to rest and mourn our lowly predicament. We soon forgot the terror of the Orcs of Orcus and decided (ha!) to take them on once more. We gathered our wits and our bits and we set out. We explored more deeply than ever before into their lair. The Temple of Orcus, as always, is a pit of cruelty and despair! The evil made manifest in those halls describes the worst things done by the worst sort of folk.

We came upon an ogre guard and thought to kill it quickly to hide our presence! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF TYMORA! SURELY CYRIC WAS GUIDING OUR STEPS!!!!!!!!

The beast of our nightmares was there all along and he crushed the ogre, like Danjo crushes mosquitos! Once again we remember fear!

Now cries of succor and plaintive prayers leap to the lips of my friends, and no wonder!! They love their life!! Do I love mine less? NO! A thousand times no, I say! I have lived trying to avoid the gaze of the gods. I find that the powerful see me as only a morsel, or a pawn. I enjoy neither appellation. When I am creating an alternate truth that suits me, in order to gain some thing, I don’t ask Tymora for help, nor do I ask Tyr for forgiveness! I do what I do, to gain what I can gain. Can I fool the gods? I don’t believe I really want to know that answer. I just hope they don’t decide to notice me. So far the gods have not protected many from my scheming.

I prefer to create “deals” where both parties can prosper, but if it comes to a choice of you or me, I’m striving for ME. Best of luck and may the best Hin win!

So, will I join my friends in supplication? Good question. I have seen that Rakor, Danjo and Sahil as well get the help and support of their gods. Will the help of a hypocrite like me spoil their chances? I don’t have long to ponder… Why would Alaric return life to Danjo and Rakor? Why would spirits respond as they do to Sahil’s healing gifts, as occurred in this underground hell a few weeks back? I don’t know, but maybe my survival while being ignorant of the gods, has been a fluke. I certainly never dreamed they would intervene in my life, but I’ve witnessed their intervention with my friends! How long can I deny the power of their faith? How long can I deny the power of Ilmater? Alaric? Torm?

I know this, I want to live! I want their gods to save me too! I saw the wickedness of the spider queen destroy and ruin, and I’ve seen the work of the Triad do even better. I suppose it is time to take sides. Dare I? Will I be found worthy, (surely not!)?

“Torm and Ilmater! Alaric the righteous! Save us from this hateful force of destruction and torment! Strike him down, that we may serve you for many years to come! Help us in our hour of need!”


Love it. No aethiests in a foxhole.

Same old shit again!!

That was a fucking awesome post as usual Dave! Well done sir! On many levels, it was absolutely fantastic! :)

Same old shit again!!

Thank you, fellows!! I enjoyed the thought experiments I went through to divine what Tuck would likely think, feel, and do. It took me some time to craft this journal…

Same old shit again!!
cpthero2 Hightower67

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