A Troubled Economy

Halruaan Sunset and The Courage of Ordinary Mortals

**Journal Soundtrack: “Greenheart, Auridon Sunrise, Arkay Watches, and The Towers Cast Long Shadows” by Brad Derrick

Halruaan Sunset and The Courage of Ordinary Mortals

**Journal Soundtrack: “Greenheart, Auridon Sunrise, Arkay Watches, and The Towers Cast Long Shadows” by Brad Derrick_

She laughs as she takes a long sip of her mead. “Jarus, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard,” she says as he tells yet another story of how he seduced some poor barmaid while she had visited Halarahh. She had missed her friend and was glad to be back with the group. The sun was setting at the edge of the sky and she could think of no other sunset more beautiful than this. Reds, purples, pinks and blues intertwined like a painters love story with his oil and canvas. She leaned back and stretched out her feet near the crackling fire. “Do you think it will always be like this Jarus? I mean, from now on, even while we search for my parents?” He sits next to her and takes a swig of his mead. “Honestly, probably not, you know how it is, we are magnets for chaos Shayzala. But, with Maximus and the guys with us, there is nothing we can’t accomplish, I mean, we saved the world Shayzala, what can’t we do?” he rested his head on his bedroll and stared at the sky. She contemplated this statement while peering over the fire towards Vex. He saw her staring and winked and smiled as he and Klath discussed various arcane magics. She smiled, chuckled, and rolled her eyes. She remembers the time he sat with her at the temple of Ilmater after she had been tortured alive by Natasha. He had listened to her process her experience, confess her guilt for breaking, and reveal her vulnerable side. He never once judged her. “Do not be ashamed,” he had said to her. Simple words but at the time, it felt like the most soothing salve ever made spread upon a raw open wound. She was lucky to have met him. He had been there with her through so much, knew her deepest traumas, her worst fears, and always lifted her up, even when he himself was suffering. No other man could know what she had been through. He was the first dragonborn she had met and he had quickly stolen her heart. She settled in, sighed contently, sipped her mead, and watched the sun move deeper under the horizon. The sound of the guys’ laughter filled the air as she and Jarus enjoyed nature’s beauty. “You know Jarus, whatever happens, at least we have this moment to just…be, ya know?” He grunted softly in agreement . Her eyes fluttered, and for a moment she felt as if she would drift off to sleep.

Her leg jerked quickly, like when you have a dream where you are falling and are awakened right before you crash. She blinked and noticed the sunset was gone. Shouting surrounded her. It was freezing and her head felt fuzzy. As she tried to focus she noticed Jarus standing next to her, seemingly trying to adjust to the new environment as well. As her eyesight cleared she started to focus on what was going on around her. Men were screaming for someone named Sahil and shouting “Who are you?!” Were they talking to her? Was this real or was she dreaming? She looked down and her mead was gone. She looked around at the stone walls, ice quickly starting to form and spread around them. Her heart started to beat faster. “Jarus, where are we? What the hell is this place? What the fuck is going on?!” His face looked just as confused as hers must have. “I… I don’t know,” he said, his breath forming in the icy air. The familiar rush of adrenaline started to kick in. She knew they didn’t have much time, soon hypothermia would be setting in and they wouldn’t stand a chance. “Listen, I have no idea what is going on, why we are here, or who you are but we have about four minutes before we are all completely frozen,” her voice wavered at first but steadied. She was used to chaos…like Jarus had said, it followed us everywhere.


Nice start, definitely excited to read more!


Fantastic! Extra special for me knowing both groups as I do. What an initial read to take in their experiences, to find Jarus and Shayzala back in the saddle again…

cpthero2 littlewing

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