A Troubled Economy

Daemons of all forms

A test of our resolve

We gathered our loot from the killer vines. There was a pleasant pile of platinum, and a goodly gathering of gold.  Best of all…magic wands, scrolls, and potions! Now THAT’S what I have been waiting for! The REAL wealth I see adventurer’s laden with!

We started on our way, traveling up through the foothills toward the mountains. One day as we broke camp and prepared to set out I spotted a bird bigger than my mule. It seemed to be watching us as it flew hundreds of feet in the air. Suddenly a twin to the first bird appeared. Hmmm… summoned? Too far off to tell. The birds circled us. I conjured an illusory ballista and aimed it at them. OOPS! Here they came! They teleported to the ground nearby and started a bizarre, arcane dance. Their dance ended with a loud boom and a wave of force that emanated from them so powerfully that it killed my poor mule, Jando!! Poor Jando!!

Then the birds created mirror image duplicates of themselves, which I immediately recognized. Setibyr and Enalda attacked with melee weapons, while Danjo and I used our bows and Shino used up charges from a brand –new staff of Fire!  We whittled away at the mirror images while the siblings battled toe-t-toe with the daemon birds! Oh, how I admire their strength, and skill at arms!! Horribly, one of the birds cut Enalda’s throat! Sahil could do little against the injury! Then both Setibyr and Enalda were enveloped by a cloud of spores. I’ve seen mushrooms in the underdark do something similar, but the spores took root in the flesh of the twins and began to grow grotesque, twisting, choking vines. Shino’s fire spells seemed to help, somewhat. The daemon birds were getting wounded and suddenly one of the birds took Setiby’r hammer and they teleported away. We did what we could to remove the vines growing from the armored warriors, Setibyr and Enalda, but the vines resisted all attempts to heal or remove them. Eventually they stopped growing and we were able to cut them off, but grotesque stubs of them remain, like barnacles on a ship’s hull.  I can barely stand to look at them, and my heart breaks to see their beauty marred so!

We traveled on, and suddenly we were attacked by what I first thought was quick-sand, or some sort of sand monster!  However, with blinding speed the sand creature dissolved Danjo’s mule, then Shino, then Danjo!  By the Umberley’s throbbing twat, that was terrifying!! I was reminded of the large slimes in the underdark. I’ve seen a whole chained up crew of slaves devoured by one huge slime. My master laughed at the horrible screams, for the slaves did not belong to her! I saw and experienced other cruelty by my master and her cursed folk, and that was not the worst by far.  Still, I was greatly pained to see my companions brought to such an inglorious end.  Setibyr, Enalda, Sahil and I just ran. We ran and ran. Somehow, by some strange trick of fate, Danjo and Shino reformed from the dissolved blobs they had become! Shino was unconscious and Danjo tried to carry him away. He was going slowly so I cast  my spell for running fast on myself and on Danjo and we ran. I also blasted the attacking monster with our newly acquired Staff of Light. We kept running, but it would not stop and eventually I had to blast it repeatedly with the staff of light to destroy it. Thanks to Tymora! Her coin landed face-up for us, when we found that magical treasure!

Still, we continued on, as we must do. We are small creatures in a big world, and we have no choice but to toil on… Speaking of small creatures, we came upon some grig sprites! They at first seemed delightful and playful, until one of them obliterated my water skin!  It also gave over some bits of mushroom which aided the healing of Enalda’s neck, it seemed. I don’t trust the little bastards, though! The next time I saw one I got out my bow and it disappeared!

We met a talking tree. As you might expect, it had no interest in us.

We walked a ways past the talking tree man, and Setibyr marched in silence. Suddenly he stopped and rounded on the party. He bitched us out for leaving him and his sister to fight the daemon birds alone, and the more he talked the more I realized, he was scared shitless.  I can’t blame him. He is young and like I once was, ignorant of the horrors of the wide world.
He came very close to losing his sister to the daemons and he saw two companions dissolved by a relentless beast from which we only barely escaped with our lives. He said he wants to return to Assur, give them our information, get paid, and end our job. I like the idea of getting paid too. I’m not convinced that it will ever happen. I recall the church of Lucha offered to pay us in crints. The last pox-brained lout who paid us in crint was a filthy drow who tried to kill us, and the crints were fake anyway. Maybe this whole, messed up situation is some sort of elaborate drow plot, and we’re just pawns anyway! FUCK!

So far we have only managed to survive by working together. I think splitting up will be a mistake.


A good recap! Tuck seems surprised by the creatures we’ve encountered, but not scared. He must have been through quite a bit before becoming assistant harbormaster.

Daemons of all forms

This makes me feel bad now. Tuck admires Setibyr for his strength, and Setibyr looks down on Tuck for his apparent lack of it.

It was nice to have someone who didn’t outright disagree with Setibyr, though. Tuck seemed to hear him out at the very least. Saying he was fearful was probably a poor idea, though. I bet Tuck would be singing a different tune had that bird demon got up next to him!

Daemons of all forms
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