A Troubled Economy

Trouble on the trade way

Wondrous sights in Lastar

We captured a hobgoblin and attempted to extract information from him, but we had no clear ways of communication to him. We decided to keep him captive and wait until we arrived at our destination and then have someone else translate for us. On our path he managed to escape somehow and ran off. We tracked him, and by we, I mean mostly Sahil and Tuck. This hobgoblin had managed to run off with not supplies and fell victim to the harshness of the desert. No information could be gathered this way, but one of the others spoke of a spell that could allow one to speak with the dead. Fascinating, I will have to try and study this spell at a later date.
Getting closer to Lastar we found a group of wagons damaged beyond repair with the bodies of countless men, no women, littered around the place. It seems crude harnesses were constructed to hold these men down to be raped. What type of fucking vile monstrosities are we going to encounter here? As we continued still, we found yet another group of wagons, this time with Lastar in sight! It seems the city state would do nothing outside of their walls, pathetic it seems to push for trade and yet offer no protection for the merchants.
This group of wagons was set ablaze by some kind of oily black tar, and when mixed into water is became violently volatile. This explosion I feared would bring the marauders back into the camp to rape the lot of us to death; this is not a fate I wish to endure, so I suggested, rather forcefully, that we needed to depart NOW.
At the city gates we were “greeted” by the city guard. They asked a few questions and set us about our business, nothing really important to note about these guards, except they were in mass number and many seemed very, very capable.
Inside the city, it was like nothing I had ever seen before. Races I had only read about and heard mention of once or twice. It was really a feast for the eyes. If I did not have pressing business I might spend many months here to learn much of what this place has to offer, but for now we have business.
We made arrangements to possible have that spell to speak to the dead hobgoblin cast for us, but we will have to wait and see what happens.
The most wondrous thing I have ever seen, no one will ever believe me back home in Wa, this in has a beholder as a keeper. Pours drinks and talks to patrons. What the hell? Even the music and the entertainment are not like any I had ever seen. If I were a rich man, I would spend my life inside of this city and learn every secret that it has to offer me, but I must be ready to finish my tasks, both immediate, reopening the trade route, and the long term, helping Danjo reclaim his land. Both are equally important to me, as I gave my word to do so, and my word is my bond.


Shino is a bit more brash than I thought at first, fun!

Trouble on the trade way

Very nice! Your economy of words represents a fellow of seldom speaks, and that seems perfect! Also, I see how you portray Shino as a thinking man, one who studies and desires greater knowledge from study, yet he is true to keeping the word he has given. I can’t wait to learn more about him!!

Trouble on the trade way
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