A Troubled Economy

The man from Iiso part 1

Assur durpar and the temple of lucha.

In Assur’s hot sand
A Tumult growing daily
Today work begins

A month I’ve spent in the city of Assur with my second Shino for company. This place is in many ways more remarkable than I’d considered in my readings and research. However It is not without negative points. The people and their customs are well fed and boisterous. Each wearing a swirl of colorful fabrics that would be unknown to only the greatest festival days of WA. Their seems to exist an atmosphere of organized chaos in the economics of this place. Their always seems to be just the right amount of supply for the demand which is deeply almost mystical in It’s fascinating nature to me. I regret somewhat being unable to employ a Durpari as an economic retainer during my time spent in Iiso. Though I can smell something growing in the people of this town. My understanding of the native language and my own assumed ignorance of the average Durpari has allowed me to hear whispers of discontent and fear from those traveling along the trade way. The fact that the frequency of these whispers has grown like a gathering kamikaze with each passing day has me perturbed as prices are bound to start going up.

With that in mind my second and I made our way to the temple of Lucha via the recommendation of many including a Hin dock administrator who I will expound upon later. I’d intended to sit and observe the atmosphere of the line and the way that persons were being chosen by members of the temple. In the vein Shino played his flute and I plucked my Samisen on the temple steps while an unwashed urchin offered water to any who thirsted despite looking like he had no water nor any way to hold any. Eventually a few came and inexplicably had their water skins filled by this young man. Shino seemed more focused on the meaning of this than I for he can see the threads of magic where my eyes see only the miraculous nature of It. Our second song was nearing Its crescendo when a remarkably mundane looking temple functionary appeared from the temple and asked us if we were pan handling. It was ridiculous to me for only the briefest of moments but Shino quickly responded and explained our purpose to the man. By his delegation we were both separated and for the first time in so long I was without my second. I was led to a room with a few others some of which have proven quite interesting to me.

I stood in a temple waiting room cooled by the ubiquitous magical air conditioning prevalent to the area. Among me were two twins with the blood of Celestials and sparkling blue eyes. The male well armed with a certain well fed quiet predatory nature that reminded me of my superiors in Shidekima like massive bears good natured but capable of unbridled savagery. The woman had the air of an ascetic about her a devotee of some kind. It was then I saw the symbol on her person and how It matched the symbol of the temple of Lucha. I then that the young man the unwashed water giver had followed us in and was grouped with us. After a few minutes an exceptionally pale man with hair the color of fallen leaves came in. I immediately expressed to him the need for my second and how we would not be separated. He began interviewing us with the aid of magic and I inwardly growled at having to divulge certain aspects of myself that I’d hoped to leave dead in WA. Surprisingly no one seemed too bothered by anything I had said and I felt such a sense of relief even more so to be reunited with my second. After we were all given the third degree by this pale ascetic It was explained how we were to travel south down the trade way and gather information that relates to the current economic troubles in Durpar. After being recommended accommodations at the docks for a pittance and being given marked coins and giving our names and a small stipend to spend on supplies we left. I made a point to offer a prayer to the god of this temple out of politeness.

Little did I know that in a few days time I’d have learned many hard lessons taught by this desert and I’d have been given much to consider in regards to my new business associates.


I’m eagerly awaiting learning more about Danjo, he seems rather mysterious.

The man from Iiso part 1
cpthero2 Danjo

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