A Troubled Economy

Murder in the Merchant City

I think I have had enough of this adventuring. So much has happened, and I think we are in over our heads. Our time at The Eye enjoying a break from the desert was interrupted by a drow with a rather large hat. He gave each of us a sack of 125 crintz, and he also gave us a scroll that Sahil was able to decipher. It instructed us to go to the Tailor’s Truth to speak with the proprietor about a possible job. I had some very strong reservations about taking such a job considering our current contract. Tuck had no reservations about anything and took some kind of mood elevating herb before leaving to spend some time with one of the hin women who sold her body for coin. I don’t understand the appeal of being with someone that you must pay to tolerate your company, but perhaps it’s a custom of his race or where he is from to not form deep attachments. Either way, it did give us time to discuss the situation.

When he returned, we paid for our meals and decided to head towards the shop. We were in agreement that interfering with our contract was not wise, but speaking with the man should not lead us to any harm so long as we were careful with what we disclosed. While we waited to speak with the man who had summoned us, Setibyr commissioned some work from a silversmith. I was rather disappointed to see that the smith had nothing bearing the insignia of my Lady. I suppose I can understand that it would be difficult to display works from every temple, but I cannot afford to wait about town for a piece of artwork. I’m certain I can find a smith in Assur upon our return and have my Lady’s sign placed on my scabbard then. Until then, I will have to carry her in my heart and on my holy symbol and display her in my works.

The tailor, as he claimed to be, was rather interested in us and our travels. We disclosed to him that we were employed by the Lady to complete a job, but we made sure to stay rather vague. He offered us each a total of 4,000 crintz for the completion of a job where we found what was causing the stoppage of goods along the trade way. He claimed that he only had the funds to survive for four more tenday before he would have to close his shop. I immediately became rather suspicious about his offer of payment for our completion of his job. If he was in such a bad way financially, there is no way he would be able to afford paying six adventurers a total of 24,000 crintz. We left to discuss our options and seek legal counsel before making a decision. On our way back to The Eye for the night, Setibyr and I stopped to resupply our rations and replace the barrel that had exploded during our trip. Once our shopping was complete, we met back up with Danjo and Shino and returned to The Eye.

From here, things went downhill quickly. Tuck and Sahil informed us that a dwarf warned them against working with the tailor, Suhl. According to the dwarf, Suhl was an evil man and all that were employed by him disappeared into the desert and were never heard from again. The desert is a rather cruel place at the moment so I could believe that anyone sent out could meet their end quickly. I was not sure that was entirely indicative of the tailor being evil, but it was certainly something to consider. His willingness to part with large sums of gold that he may not actually have was far more concerning to me than other adventurers not returning from the hostile desert. I care little for the money itself, but question his abilities and motives if he would so easily part with crintz in a city that revolves around money.

We decided to retire for the night to discuss our situation more privately. I offered up our room as Tuck and Sahil said that they had had a messenger approach them previously in the larger room. I thought ours might be more private and may not be being watched as closely as the room that was housing majority of our group. Shortly after we entered, a terrible scream rang through The Eye. There had been a murder right outside the front doors! The dwarf that had warned Sahil and Tuck about the tailor was nearly decapitated.

We got our first taste of the law enforcement of Lastar at that point when they can to investigate the murder. They were incredibly no nonsense. Quite frankly, they were terrifying. They questioned Sahil and Tuck before they left with the dwarf’s body. We returned to The Eye to finish our discussion and possibly find different, less conspicuous lodging for the night. Again, we went to our smaller room. Danjo entered with some kind of vibrant alcoholic drink. I really did not feel it to be the appropriate time to be getting drunk, but I stayed quiet. I have spent enough time working in the tavern to understand that some need to kill their emotions with alcohol, though I may not agree. He did, at least, choose to wait to drink the concoction.

He did not need to wait long. There was a fire started in our hallway and we were swiftly put in the position of needing to escape from a burning room. We managed, but chaos now reigned in The Eye and just outside. Patrons had been evacuated and were milling about outside. Danjo, who had downed the drink before running through the fire, was passed out on the ground. Either the drink was strong or his tolerance was terrible.

Setibyr made to help carry him away from the crowd, but he was struck with a bolt. Normally would have taken such a small hit in stride. It would have angered him, but it would not have done much other than be an annoying small wound. I watched in horror as my brother dropped. Surely such a small wound should not have brought him down! I pulled the bold from his neck and was hit with one as well. I felt a stinging and realized right away that these bolts were poisoned. I did not succumb and realized we needed to get him to a healer right away. I did not know the nature of the poison.

Lady have mercy, I was terrified. I could see my brother’s eyes and knew he was aware of his surroundings, but he could not move and could not talk. His breathing seemed more labored and he could not support himself. More bolts continued to rain down on us. I was able to withstand whatever poison they had been coated with, thank the Lady. I carried my brother as swiftly as I could and we begged for entry at the temple of Lucha. They were hesitant, but allowed us in where there was safety.

They healed my brother. For that I am forever in the Lady’s debt. The priest said that poison was called the Tears of Death. Had we not gotten to the temple when we did, Setibyr would have died. My brother, so healthy and so strong, would have died to a simple bolt. My Lady is the only reason he survived. I could offer up my prayers every waking moment for the rest of my life and not have given Her enough thanks. I donated some gold to the temple to help the monetary costs of healing him, but the remainder of my debt will be paid with prayers and deeds. Once we have finished this cursed job, Setibyr and I will need to sit down and discuss our future and whether we should quit adventuring. I am ready to be done now. Quietly running the tavern is seeming more appealing every day. I don’t know that it would satisfy him, but perhaps I can appeal to him by offering to set up shop in a different city. I know Lath has too many difficult memories for him.

The next morning, we were able to send one of the priests out to purchase replacement goods for us. I sent paid him with the crintz from the tailor. This turned out to be a grave mistake. I had suspected that there was some sort of tracking spell on our bag of crintz and planned to leave the entire bag with the temple, minus the cost of a new desert outfit, but the crintz were fake! We were accused of passing fake coin and were shackled and sent to be interrogated, despite our insistence that we did not know it was fake. I had not wanted to keep any sort of payment from this tailor and certainly did not want a bag that could lead him to us, but I never dreamed the crintz was fake, especially in a city where money was so very important and respected.

During our trip to be interrogated, we were targeted by the assassin with the poison bolts again. He dropped our guards and Shino and Sahil were affected as well. Knowing what we did, we knew we had limited time to get them aide. We could not seek asylum with the temple of Lucha, however. As we were trying to decide on a course of action, the city guards sprang to our rescue and returned us to the temple. I had my doubts as to whether they’d let us in, but the guards overruled the priest who had sent us to be interrogated. Finally, someone listened to us and did not brand us as criminals. He convinced the priest that they must help us flee the city as we had been attacked three times in less than a full day. The attacks on us were putting other innocent citizens in harm’s way. They agreed to sneak us outside of the city, and we took them up on the offer.

Once we were back outside of the city, it was a little easier to relax. We could not let our guard down entirely, but the assassination attempts had stopped. The only thing trying to kill us now was pterafolk. Far easier to contend with than sneaking drow. For now, I’m happy to be back outside the city where we can see our threats coming from afar.


WOW! Awesome Job!! I really liked it, and the worry Enalda had for her brother was very well portrayed! Her religious fervor and thankfulness for the healing seems genuine and realistic!

So you didn’t like seeing Tuck whoring, and I can’t blame you. It is quite distasteful.

I see there was no mention of Tuck rushing from COMPLETE SAFETY directly into the LINE OF FIRE and using his magic to obscure you all in the middle of the street from the sniper! Oh, no! It was only the city guard (who I admit, were far more effective than Tuck who is after all just 3rd level and in possession of NO MAGIC ITEMS).

Great journal Ashley!!

Murder in the Merchant City

Very nice post, Ashley. I like how you have increased the amount of individuality in your posts. You use to write posts that were almost, if not wholly, a recount of what happened at the session. This more involved path of story telling though incorporates more of the person that Enalda is, and I think that is awesome! :)

Great post!

Murder in the Merchant City

Tired of adventuring already!? We just started!

Murder in the Merchant City
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