A Troubled Economy

Murder and Mayhem

we have powerful enemies

I was enjoying the music and the crowd inside the Eye. I have been in many dockside bars, but this place was totally unique. I decided to try some of the unique “offerings!” I had a great drink that made me feel like I was flying! Soon I was ready for a whore and there was a beauty of a hinn!

The young tart was brought to me and I felt entranced and intoxicated (of course I was!) and we went to a private room for our tryst. When I was done she was sad to see me leave, I know. I returned to the table where my companions were deep in conversation. They had a note written in undercommon, which unfortunately I was forced to learn during my captivity. There were bags of 125 crints, one for each of us. The note said the money was a reward and a request for an audience at the Truth Tailor on Guardian Way in two bells. We decided to go.

At the tailor shop we met what looked like a gray-haired human tailor. He said his name was Soole, and he wanted us to travel to the Duchy of Listenshire and bring back information about the condition of commerce there. As a tailor he relies upon cloth goods (obviously) and he was trying to decide if he should flee or stay. He offered us an outrageous sum of 3,000 crints apiece on our return. We all wanted the money, not least, me. We knew our contract with the Church of Luche was a barrier to that. We decided to see if we could find a loophole in the Adama that would allow us to do both. We gave no answer and left.

Danjo and Shino decided to go ‘train’ Danjo’s camel. I thought it was a shame that they would squander the opportunities offered by this wonderful city night life, but the ways of the men from the east are very strange. Setibyr and Enalda decided to go purchase supplies in anticipation of our departure. I felt fortunate to have such dedicated companions. That left Sahil and me. I always consider myself to be a man of the people, though I admit, I don’t mind making a few coins along the way. It makes life so much more comfortable! Sahil, on the other hand, completely eschews wealth and in fact, wants to give his coins away to help the poor. Either way, I value the young lad and I don’t want him to suffer more than he already has. I invited him back to the Eye, so I could introduce some of life’s finer things! No one is guaranteed to be alive tomorrow, and what a shame if this young man should die never having enjoyed the company of a woman, or a fine meal, or drink. Back at the Eye, I ordered him some pleasure-making powders and fine mead. We were enjoying the offerings, at least I was and Sahil was trying them.

As we sat a dwarf came to us. He sat and created magical silence. He had a magic globe to make the silence and to watch the outside of the Eye. He warned us that Soole is a disguised barghest. The dwarf said Soole had hired many other hapless folk to go south to Listenshire, and none ever returned and were presumed dead. The dwarf urged us to go east. My own experiences led me to believe that the source of the marauders lie in the Curna mountains to the east. Suddenly that dwarf panicked and said he must flee. After he left, a drow in a huge, wide hat appeared. Sahil said this drow was the deliverer of the note and money that led us to Soole. I decided we should get out of the public eye. We retired to our rented room. Not long after that, a small human boy delivered a note to our room. It said, “Seek the path to the sacred shrine.”

Soon Setibyr, Enalda, Shino and Danjo returned. We heard a scream outside and went to look. The dwarf that came to Sahile and me earlier was dead, nearly decapitated in the alley outside the Eye. Soon magical portals opened and a wizard, a storm-giant, and some others emerged. They were the local authorities and came to investigate the death. They immediately took charge and started to question witnesses. I knew it was only a matter of time that someone revealed that I had been talking to the dwarf not one bell past. I volunteered all that I knew about the dead dwarf, the drow in the big hat, and Soole to the Storm Giant. I wanted to get the magic globe from the dwarf’s satchel, but I knew the giant would not allow it, so I told him it was there, in order to build trust. I then told the Storm Giant about the note that told us to seek the path of the Sacred Shrine." The giant seem surprised, but told me that the <something> was a location in the Curna Mountains where Tormtar and followers of the Red Knight trained to do battle against an uprising of beholders centuries ago. He did specifiy that it was less than one thousand years. Soon afterward I was released. We went back to our room.

I began to realize the depth of our error of entering the city in such a visible way and talking to the crowds. We were being watched, and had made that very easy by openly frolicking in what is likely the most-watched establishment in the city. I wanted to leave the city, but it will be very, very difficult to leave undetected. I began to devise a plan to sneak my hulking companions from the Eye unseen, when suddenly it got very warm.

A fire was blazing in the hall outside our room, and we were trapped with no window! This was a clear attempt to kill us! Acting quickly, Setibyr swung his huge hammer. As soon as the door was open I said, “Quick! Everyone out!” I bolted out. I was singed a bit, but not too badly, all things considered.

I realized this was a perfect opportunity for my companions and me to leave the Eye in the cover of confusion. I gathered them about me and bade them stay, while I acquired the necessary things to disguise them. The fool drow who first greeted us, tried to force us to leave the building with the rest of the crowd. I ignored him and went about my business of trying to save the lives of my friends. Of course, they were not where I left them five minutes later. I went outside with a bundle of blankets and they were already under attack in the alley! Someone was shooting at them with a hand crossbow. I recognized the small size of the bolts. A drow weapon! I kept my distance and followed my friends, looking for their attacker. I heard Enalda say they were going to the Temple of Lucha. I knew they would be safe if they made it there. I wandered off and got a room for the night.

The next day, talk all over was about the murder and the fire. I ate and disguised myself as an elderly gnome, Bliztagath a tinker fallen on hard times, with a limp! I limped to the Temple of Lucha and waited. I decided to examine these crints I got last night. They looked Dambrathy, but I soon discovered they were enchanted slugs. Tymora’s tit! After a few bells my companions emerged in chains! I followed at distance, and soon their guards were attacked from the rooftops by a drow assassin with a hand crossbow! I could see the group was about to be slain in the street! I rushed to their sides and cast Obscuring Mist . I freed Setibyr from his chains so he could lift one of the fallen companions. Soon we were surrounded by a magical sphere of flame and then lights and then we were rescued by agents of the law and escorted to safety once more.

Alas the dirty, drow managed to escape the authorities. That worries me. These authorities are very powerful, and this drow must be, as well.

The authorities finally realized what I deduced hours ago. We have powerful enemies who are not cowed by the laws in Lashtar. Unless they wanted chaos in their city, it was in their best interest to help us sneak out. They did.

Under a Hallucinatory Terrain spell, modified obviously, we left Lashtar and headed east toward the Curna mountains.

On the second day we were attacked by lizard bird men. We killed one and the other fled, to look for easier, less capable food.


Knowledge: Dockside bars!

Murder and Mayhem
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