A Troubled Economy

Memories of the past

As I was pulling Danjo into the temple I was overcome with a sense of fear, the kind of fear I had not felt since I first encountered Danjo, 9 years ago. He was charged with issuing justice upon my family and did so with seemingly no remorse or hesitation. Though I will say, he did give them the choice for an honorable death. Both my mother and my father took their own life as a way to save their honor, which would have cleared my name, if I was indeed old enough to be guilty of their crimes.
They had not been as careful as they should have been while skimming off the top and misreporting their earnings to the local shogun. It took some time before they were found out, but when they did, their honor was destroyed. The family, our ancestors, and all of our land fell into disgrace. Danjo showed up to right our wrong.
He took me, as a prize for his completion of the task, and I was then overcome with fear, the very same fear I would feel when attempting to save his life. Was I to be his slave and no longer be allowed schooling as I had been with my parents? Would he use me as a mule only to lift and carry? Or possibly he would have foul and twisted desires that he would force me to accommodate…
Strangely enough, he gave me a rather lavish room, and almost anything I could have ever wanted, including access to better schooling. It seems that my fears were misplaced in him. It was because of him that I was able to finish school at the top of my class, and begin training as a wielder of the all consuming flame. I owe almost everything I am today to him, so as long as I draw breath, I will do everything within my abilities to make sure he lives.
I do think of my mother and father sometimes, I have a great many memories of them, but my thoughts quickly turn to their inability to stay within the confines of the law. At least they should have been better about not getting caught cheating. It makes me sick to think that I am their child. I am great and powerful. I am far more intelligent that they ever were, yet I am their child. I choose to not associate myself with them or their lineage, I even went as far as to change my name so that I would not be connected with them.


Stockholm Syndrome? I don’t think I get a Mercy for that.

Memories of the past

It’s a mercy to him that he remain with the syndrome.

Memories of the past

Wow!! Michael!! Really great!!

First, excellent writing! The story doesn’t wander. It gets straight to the point. Second, it really explains the mystery behind Shino’s attachment to Danjo, the reason for his loyalty. Finally, it’s a great way to do a journal entry when you miss a session. Our characters had lives before we met in Assur. There are STORIES to tell!! This is a great start to a great story!!

The mystery of your parents, your shame and disdain. Your devotion to a man who cared for you. Great stuff!!

Memories of the past

This really explains some of why Shino follows Danjo. It may be a somewhat unhealthy relationship, but both sides do seem to have profited.

Memories of the past
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