A Troubled Economy

From Assur into the hot sand

Both Danjo and I had arrived in the city of Assur for almost a month when the economic troubles began. It seems that trade routes have been pinched off and the city is grinding to a halt. This does not bode well for us, as we have come here seeking a way to regain wealth and power, if the city is starting to dry up then what we seek will surely not be here. Only a few days later both Danjo and I decided to move to the great temple that was offering work to almost anyone with any skill set. We were going to perform our musical talents to entertain those waiting when we were asked if we were going to get in line ourselves. We eventually did and were directed into a small room.
Actually that’s not exactly true, I told the man asking us questions about my skill sets and he informed me that I should wait in a different line than Danjo, reluctantly I did so, only to be pulled from line to go meet back up with him. It was rather silly in hindsight, a mistake I will not make a second time.
In this smaller room, there was 5 other people than myself; Danjo, the man hiring us, and 3 others. It seemed that we were to inspect a trade route and make sure it was still open (obviously not) or figure out why it was not. Any information towards figuring this out was desired, but if we were to go above the simple portion of the task and dig deeper, we would be rewarded even further.
We then spoke about meeting up, all 5 of us on the docks so we could be roused easily for when this task was ready to become official.
It happened the next day, and the assistant harbor master, Tuck Arbuckle, seemed eager to join us in our little venture. Seems the coin guaranteed was enough to have him turn a new leaf. So now the 6 of us entered into this arrangement to inspect the trade route. Danjo, Tuck the Halfling, Setibyr and Enalda both Aasimar, and Sahil a human.
We first set to get outfitted for the adventure we were about to undertake. It was expensive and quickly used up all my resources available, I had to borrow money from Setibyr, they offered to lend me some, and to be repaid once the task at hand was complete.
Finally we were ready, fresh supplies, two camels, and a mule, and the willingness to succeed no matter how onerous it was. The first day or so, it was hot, but between magic of myself and Sahil, we were able to keep the 6 of us from succumbing to the extreme heat, and this Sahil could also produce water from his magical abilities; a very useful gift in this wasteland.
A couple of days into this journey there was a flash flood, and it damn near washed us all away with it. Almost all of us were knocked on our asses! One by one, we each dug a weapon in the ground to gain sure footing in this and just let the water pass us by; then, to rebuild our broken supplies and what not. Another day into our travel we noticed the first sign of trouble with the route. Trade wagons broken along the route. We slowly approached the wagons to inspect them.
We were only around 50ft from them when 3 hobgoblins jumped out along with a bugbear, and attacked us. Two arrows bounced from my armor, but Danjo was not so lucky. We quickly dispatched these rather savage beasts, Setibyr is a mighty warrior and Enalda is very stout, these two will no doubt be good companions in a battle. Sahil used some form of magic, I didn’t get to see what, but he somehow weakened the bugbear, impressive to say the least. One hobgoblin decided to run away from us and Tuck gave chase to him. For such a small man, he ran with such haste, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with him. I believe my companions are worth traveling with, I only hope they can feel the same about both Danjo and me, though we have yet to show our prowess in battle. Soon I fear we will prove ourselves. Danjo will no doubt show his abilities to wield his sword with the swiftness only one such samurai could, and I will consume our adversaries with the flame.


I’m very curious what keeps you and Danjo together – retainer? Slave? Lover?

From Assur into the hot sand

Marc: HA!
Mike: Very nice! He clearly has a different mind-set and demeanor than Theg. I can’t wait to see this guy in action!

From Assur into the hot sand
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