A Troubled Economy

Exploration, Discovery, Reflection

Our discussions have led to us agreeing to explore the various passages of our new winter home. Perhaps we can shed some light on the differences we are finding down here. From natural cave formations, to worked areas. This entire place is a mystery.

We have stumbled upon some undead, which Mr. Sahil was able to quickly dispatch. Some other shadowy things, that we were able to dispatch with ease as well, thanks for Sahil’s magics.

We have found doors, but each proves a puzzle. Do we want to risk opening a water logged door, expecting a flood of water? Perhaps get past a door made with anti-magical, anti-melting properties? Each passage is it’s own riddle, that we are slowly unraveling.

One such passage, that led us past a large area of bat droppings, opened into a odd room with stone piles in passages.

During his exploration, Tuck discovered a very angry Ogre. We all rushed to help, and Shino proved very capable in dispatching the Ogre. Once again, I was of no use. I feel my presence is more for social company then to actually help in a fight. I should not worry. Opportunities like these keep happening. I am certain I will be able to aid in some manner as we explore more.

The Ogre had quite the collection from his past exploits. A Longbow made of Lluirwood, crafted by a famed maker. I do not recognize the name, but the expression from my companions indicates it is a very rare find indeed. I was offered the opportunity to use the bow, but I happily passed it to the warrior Donjo to use. I feel he would get more use from it. As thanks, he is allowing me to use his longbow.

We gathered up much of what we could find, I brought forth a magical disc to help carry everything, and we returned to our base camp. The room with Iron Doors.

I hope we are as fortunate as this last time in our future endeavors.

This is what we found in the Ogre’s lair:
+Leather armor sized for a halfling
+chainmail sized for a dwarf
+chainmail sized for a human (3 suits)
+studded leather, designed by elfs
+broken shields (3)
+tower shields (2)
+sacks of coins
+1-2,063 valins
+2-45 valins, 350 krints
+3-1,067 gold
+4-8 gems, 3 necklaces, silver bracelet, small jade statuette
+5-2 brass candleholders, fine mirror, valin chalice, 17 pair of earrings, 5 gold rings, Valin Holy Symbol (of illmater)


Nice rendition of events. Very succinct and to the point. What are valins? I’m assuming they’re gold pieces, but, you know, I’d like to know for sure…

Exploration, Discovery, Reflection

I couldn’t tell you. I just had to write as quickly as I could as Rob rattled off the loots. There is a strong liklihood that I misspelled the coins too.

I think krints are that one coin that falls between silver and gold. I forget the name off the top of my head. No clue on the rest however.

Exploration, Discovery, Reflection
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