A Troubled Economy

And we've only just begun...

I fear for our company… We have only been on our journey for a day, and we have already suffered considerable losses.

We left Assur early in the morning, and after a long, uneventful trudge through the desert, we set up camp around dark. Nardo began his watch as we all began to rest. Everything seemed peaceful, quiet. The only sounds came from the horses and the crackling fire. I soon began to doze off.

Until we were awoken by a terrible scream.

Suddenly, the entire camp was in an uproar. Men were screaming, all trying to figure out where the scream came from, and what was going on.

I could only see outlines in the dim light of the embers, and in my haze, I couldn’t be sure what was going on, either. All I knew was that the scream came from nearby.

I walked out of the caravan’s circle to investigate and stumbled upon Nardo’s body. He seemed to be alive, but unconscious. But before I could investigate further, I felt a sharp pain in my shoulder, followed by a shock greater than any I have ever felt. Suddenly, I felt something wrap itself around me.

Blindly, I swung and punched my attacker (which I can only describe as enormous, blueish, and lethal, with far too many legs). This blow was enough to make it release me.

I was dazed. Nardo was out. We should have been easy prey for the monster, but it seems the gods smiled upon us, for we were spared.

Unfortunately, some of our companions were not so lucky. They seem to have attracted the creature’s attention, and with a mighty roar, a crash of thunder, and a flash, they were dead.

Over the next few minutes, we suffered even more losses- including the caravan leader, and several Clydesdales.

Luckily, between the other guards and myself, we were able to fight it off until it absconded. (With no help from the heckler beneath the caravan… I would like to see him beat a lightning monster into submission with nothing but his fists!)

… I must say, last night does not make me hopeful for the rest of our journey. We’ve lost so many already, and if this is what the desert throws at us at the beginning of our quest, I’m not sure if we can survive what may come.

On the other hand, we are outrageously lucky to have Ruby Rose with us. Without her, Nardo and I would have been lost for sure. She is a magnificent healer. I must remember to thank her again.


P.S. I don’t know if it’s of any importance, but not long after we left Assur, I saw what appeared to be a being with light hair, wrapped in a grey cloak, floating what had to be 20 feet in the air… Houn says it was a mirage, but I just don’t know… It seemed so real, but the desert definitely seems to play tricks on the eyes. I shall have to keep an eye out.


“terrible scream”??? :P
It’s called a Battle Roar! :D
I love your writing style!

And we've only just begun...

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