Achievement and Failure Certificates

As players achieve greatness and failure during the roleplaying endeavors, they will have an opportunity to attain these certificates of achievement and failure. Not only will their successes and failures me acknowledged, but they will also have the opportunity to attain rewards beyond the recognition in terms of karma. The following certificates have the associates karma gain or loss:


  1. The Baron Friedmont Allamonde “Group Roleplaying Enhancement and Leadership” Award, For Significant Contributions to the Overall Increase in Roleplaying by the Entire Group of Players. Karma Award: 25
  2. The Withrin Novalin, “Epic Roleplaying” Award, For Purist Roleplaying That Goes Beyond Any Level of Concern for Character Survival, Player Politics, or Other Influence: You ARE the Hardcore Roleplayer! Karma Award: 18
  3. The Saint Maximus Valentis, “Roleplaying Improvement” Award, For Significant Personal Improvement to the Art of Roleplaying on an Individual Level. Karma Award: 12
  4. The Shayzala Bellasong, “Epic Journal Entry” Award, For Consistence and Excellence in Journal Entries that Contribute to the Ongoing Immersion of the Party into the Story. Karma Award: 8
  5. The MiaLee Nailo, “High Spirits” Award, For Keeping and Bringing a Wonderful Spirit to the Game Table Regardless of the Trials and Tribulations We Face Every Day Outside of Gaming. Karma Award: 5
  6. The Klath Megathir, “Excellence in Tactical Magic Use” Award, For Clever and Ingenious Use of Magic In a Manner That Has SIgnificant and Lifesaving Applications for the Party. Karma Award: 5
  7. The Felix D’avaughn, “Hard Charging” Award, For Sticking to the Mission Come Hell and High-Water. Karma Award: 4
  8. The Jarus Ravendael, “Failrouge” Award, For Doing Something You Should Not Have Done That Created an Epic and Unforgettable Fail Moment. Karma Award: 0, Recognized Embarrassment is your Punishment
  9. The Vex, “Giant in the Playground” Award, For Disguising a Desire to Metapwn with Thinly Veiled Roleplaying. Karma Award: -1
  10. The Kauongol Hillshaker, “Sticking Your Dick Where It Doesn’t Belong” Award, For Doing Something You Shouldn’t Have Done. Karma Award: -3 and considerable humiliation for really fucking up!

Baron Friedmont Allamonde Award
Withrin Novalin Award
Saint Maximus Valentis Award
Shayzala Bellasong Award
MiaLee Nailo Award
Klath Megathir Award
Felix D’avaughn Award
Jarus Ravendael Award
Vex Award
Kauongol Hillshaker Award

Achievement and Failure Certificates

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