Rsyndrellan Marzegan

High Priestess @ the Temple of Lucha in Assur, Durpar


Initiate Marzegan is a beautiful, hybrid werewolf priestess of Lucha. She resides and administers the Temple of Lucha in Assur, Durpar. She is well known for her grace, quiet contemplation, great intellect, and stunning beauty. She is approximately 5’8", 132 lbs., with rich, brunette hair, and blue eyes.

She is well known as an accomplished charter, guide, and former professor of academic studies in geology. Her appointments were all within the purview of the Church of Lucha, originally hailing from Athkatla. Upon her calling to be an Initiate of one of the most prominent temples to Lucha in Durpar, she no longer had time to accommodate her academic interests, or professional pursuits as a charter or guide.


Rsyndrellan Marzegan

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