A Troubled Economy

The Man from Iiso Supplemental 1

A Treatise on my companions

A fledgling Phoenix
A snapping turtle
A small talking Thrush
Twin Celestials

Much has come to pass in the days since my second and I first agreed to do business for the temple of Lucha in Assur. We have met with a myriad force of people which include two Celestial children who seem to embody the combined fury of a typhoon. Setibyr a well fed slightly bestial boy who reminds me of the local Bushi fighters from my Time in WA. Headstrong and bullish but with a force that could shatter even the best equipped force if underestimated. His sister Enalda is much more the dedicated bulwark. A grace in movement and speech which has not yet been tempered and untested but holds a wealth of potential. I must watch them carefully and invest in their growth to produce the best return on my investment. Shino has taken a professional interest in the magics exhibited by another of our companions a Hin gentleman by the same of Tuck Arbuckle. He is an enthusiastic speaker and quite sly in his dealings from what I’ve seen. Though a capable fighter and somewhat relentless capable of riding down fleeing foes on his mount a mule. Like a speckled snapping turtle or one of the carnivorous rabbits of Shidekima. Mr Arbuckle is unassumingly dangerous and I am thankful to have him as a business associate. Then comes an even more assuming and curious member Sahil an unwashed Urchin from the land of Ormpe. Despite his station I am quite interested in his cultivation. To see the boy work astounds me. I have little grasp on the finer points of what the magically inclined call the Weave or the will of the Kami. Though even I can see that Sahil is blessed his avian companion Pak-Pak and It’s grasp of the common tongue is a testament to that. Finally I must speak of my second Shino Fumei. I firstly cannot and will not discount his importance to many of my political successes and even my continued success that is my own survival. The boy is well schooled and has a voracious mind and an encouraging curiosity. Though his stern will and driven nature and in my opinion his most admirable traits. Though he is not the most powerful of Shugenja I have no doubt should he live he will become powerful. A fledgling phoenix will he burst and fade away or will he live to set the world ablaze. It strikes me I suppose that the same sentiment can be said for the pair of us or even possibly this entire expedition. Are we to burn out bright and fade away or smolder on and grow into a great inferno.


Oh, I see now, Shino and Danjo have a Greek teacher/student relationship.

The Man from Iiso Supplemental 1

I like the way you relate people to the creatures of the natural (and unnatural world). It seems very “Eastern Philosophy.” I’ve seen where Samurai write poems about flowers and trees and nature and relate them to life lessons of relationships and even warfare. I get the feeling this is precisely your aim. Well done!

The Man from Iiso Supplemental 1
cpthero2 Danjo

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